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„We guarantee that implementing gReception AS will substantially simplify membership database administration and payment monitoring, improve payment attitude, and will ease the communication with your members"says Pavel Hozák, the CEO.
Membership database
  • we import your current database, new members will sign-in themselves
  • set-up new membership periods (periodicity, type ...) and membership fees
  • manage payments directly in the system, members can pay via bank transfer, by card or via PayPal
  • member´s personal card – member selects membership period for payment or uses other system options
  • the board can filter database, monitor received or delayed payment, send automatic emails to members and simply export to Excel
  • possibility to create various lists of e-mail addresses (for example, lists e-mail contacts of board members or working groups)
  • the lists can be easily exported and used in mass-mailing programs
  • the lists can be created and edited manually, or they can be extracted directly from gReception forms. Only one click is needed for creating the list of e-mail addresses from a form with registered participants. ( e.g., a list of e-mail addresses will be created extracted from“ Conference 2015” which will be used later for mailing about other events)
  • voting online
    • for all association members or selected groups only, typically the board
    • secret or public voting
  • voting at a meeting - voting in real time, done by simply filling in a pre-prepared table – yes, no, abstained, ev. not present
    • free setting of the quorum and criteria for accepting a proposal
    • registering individual votes by name or simply by calculating the votes
  • automatic vote evaluation,
    • generation of a protocol and voting statistics
  • special forms allowing to evaluate contest entries
  • applicant registration and collection of various files as needed in one simple step
  • the evaluators work on a special password-protected dashboard
  • various evaluation modes possible - points, marks, ordering
  • 5 editable forms available
  • the forms can be freely formatted and structured for activities of any kind and size, for example, registration form, satisfaction questionnaire, collection of opinions and statements, forms with e-shop functions, etc.
  • the forms can be connected with banking payment gates (credit cards, internetbanking,...) and with PayPal
  • the forms are set for connecting with iDoklad - a cloud accountant program (www.iDoklad.cz) which allows to generate automatically invoices, control the payments via internetbanking, and has many other useful functions
  • provides 1GB of space for depository of documents displayed for association members
  • documents are conveniently placed in various folders depending on the association needs. The access is set separately for:
    • all members of the association
    • for board members only
  • document formats allowed are: .zip, .rar, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .pdf, .txt
Document generator
  • possibility to create personalized documents (work contracts, any confirmations, certificates, etc.) using templates filled with the data from the membership database
  • intuitive setting – simple text formatting, simple setting of changeable fields, possibility to set-up conditions
  • Documents can be saved as templates and generated according to needs as online or ZIP files
  • statistics for the membership database: statistics of the membership contributions, debtors, records of paid and unpaid membership fees
  • monthly financial statistics
    • summary of incomes, total incomes and monthly debts
    • graphically depicted monthly incomes and debts
  • statistics of registrations
    • graphically depicted increments of membership registrations

Our references:

  • Simona Dandová„The CADV organizes multiple educational events for dermatovenerologists during the year. The participants register via the gReception online registration forms. Thanks to the linking of the membership database with the registration forms, we can simply offer discounts to our members.“
    Simona Dandová, CADV
    Ing. Jana Nebesářová„Initially, we used gReception registration for our microscopic courses. As it was so useful, we already keep our membership database there as well. We are very satisfied with the customer support for all our tasks.“
    Ing. Jana Nebesářová, ČSMS
  • Vendula Šťavíková„gReception AS simplified the administration of membership agenda. Working in the application is simple and very intuitive. It really saves me a lot of time.“
    Vendula Šťavíková, CSBMB
    Markéta Morská„The gReception has become a vital on-line tool for us because it ensures the 24/7 update of our membership database and enables a straightforward collection of membership fees. Moreover, our members have a direct secure access to the Society’s documents.“
    Markéta Morská, The Society for Histochemistry
  • Prof. Jana Hercogova, M.D., Ph.D.„Thanks to the rapid expansion of our Academy, the transition to a professional system was inevitable. At the gReception AS, I appreciate a comprehensive approach available to the database administrator, but also to the individual members.“
    Prof. Jana Hercogova, M.D., Ph.D., CADV
    Lenka Pišlová„Implementation of gReception AS made collection of membership fees much more efficient. We have today practically no long-term debtors, and can produce invoices and communicate with our members. Everything is quicker and easier.“
    Lenka Pišlová, hospodářka ČSMS